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every child is a new world, with a language and terrain and climate all his or her own. even when i can’t see the faces of mine, i can feel the space they inhabit. this feeling is what i need to remember. when i first got my camera, i thought there was a certain way […]

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  • Debbie Wibowo - Amy’s work is so soulful. Each image really captures the emotion that’s happening at that moment. She is so present and artistic with her approach.ReplyCancel

as i look at these pictures, i have tears streaming down my face. i need to tell you that, because you need to know how powerful they are to me. it’s a feeling i could draw upon at any moment, almost taste it, sweet and pure and nostalgic. you are huge and deep and brilliant […]

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snapshots are important. because they are real, they have a pulse, they move, and breathe. they remember for us. we can train our eyes to recognize love as art. as i learn to do this more every day, i feel like i am collecting the love we feel, as a family. i see that instead […]

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  • Popster - Amy Grace’s narrative and photos are extraordinary. So many insights delighting the mind, the eye, and our emotions. Wonderful!!ReplyCancel

  • jennifer warthan - Amy’s words never grow old. I am so inspired by everything she does. All the images are beautiful but I especially love the ones of her son and his little tummy… that’s such a sweet, babyish belly. Images like that will bring the best memories.ReplyCancel

  • Dawn Shiree - I was just thinking about this very subject today… how snapshots hold so much value and how the perfect moments are the ones that unfold themselves before our very eyes. I have been collecting many private moments like these for myself and my children also… so important.

    Thank you, Amy, for once again putting into such beautiful, poetic words what many of us feel as mothers and photographers. So blessed by you as always.ReplyCancel

  • suzanne - i love when amy posts here. here images and words are so inspiring. i adore the profile shot..ReplyCancel

  • alpana - so beautiful, Amy! Your words and pictures. I can never tire of them.ReplyCancel

“don’t cry because it’s over. smile because it happened.” – dr. suess i am not feeling ready for the waning days, the fuller schedules, the punctuated time, the interruptions to daydreams. the late nights, the time spent with the people who equal love, the excursions, the long, languid days are all part of the story […]

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